The Whisperer (2023)

The Whisperer (2023)


Khun starts to see wandering ghosts and hears voices from a whispering ghost in their house after losing his brother and sister-in-law in a car accident. Leaving him the responsibility of taking care of his nephew. Together with his partner, Taw, they decided to look for a house to start over a new life. However, the spirits are chasing them! There’s also a madman who’s thinking about taking the “Nong Duang Jai” out of his chest. The lover who used to be faithful seems to secretly have a relationship with the man next door named Wit. When love becomes a lie, when delusions become haunting, a whisper that leads to… death.

Otro nombre: ศพกระซิบ


Liberada: Nov. 26, 2023

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