Romeo and His Butterfly Lover (2023)

Romeo and His Butterfly Lover (2023)


In some faraway place, the Laws and the Chuks are two big families that have been foes for a century as they can never stand each other. In a chance encounter, the Law Family’s fourth son Law Mak-au falls head over heels in love with Chu Lai-yip, who is the younger cousin sister of the Chuk Family’s matriarch Chuk Ying-kiu. Lai-yip already has a finacé. If her marriage eventually falls through, Ying-kiu’s status as the chair will be affected. However, due to some past event about herself, Ying-kiu resolutely decides to let Lai-yip make her own choice, sowing the seeds of a duel between the two families. In the meantime, Leung Shan-pak adopts Max Ton as his name and lives in Hoi Pak City, which is the Law Family’s territory. To avoid assassins, he goes to the Chuk Family’s Tin Nam City and then the mysterious Zone 8. He again runs into two women who were seemingly associated with him.

Otro nombre: 羅密歐與祝英台


Liberada: Oct. 16, 2023



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