Falling In Love With Me (2023)

Falling In Love With Me (2023)


The play is adapted from Feisheng’s novel “The Vase Woman Became Popular After the Renaissance”. It tells the story of Tong Yuxin, who is deaf and has a magic necklace. As long as she wears the necklace, she can sing to make the audience fall in love with her for an hour, so she has become a very popular online singer and songwriter. Suddenly one day, she and her music teacher Tang Yutong unexpectedly kissed, causing the necklace to be transferred to Tang Yutong. Tong Yu’s heart returned to its original form after losing its magic, and she was eager to take down Tang Yutong and retrieve the necklace, but Tang Yutong asked her to learn music from him. A romantic lesson about love and music begins, and a lost first love also emerges. In the end, Tong Yuxin, who underwent a transformation, found the true “magical” story that changed her life.

Otro nombre: 倒数三秒爱上我

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Liberada: Sep. 24, 2023


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