Extremely Perilous Love (2023)

Extremely Perilous Love (2023)


The gripping tale of Xu Yin, the daughter of a prestigious doctors’ family. Driven by her determination to avenge her father, she goes to great lengths, even altering her appearance. In a twist of fate, she finds herself married to General Gu Sheng Han, a noble warrior. This marriage, however, was intended for Xu Qing Qing, the daughter of the prime minister. As Xu Yin and Gu Sheng Han navigate their new relationship, they constantly probe into each other’s true identities during their daily interactions. However, as time passes and they face challenges together, their initial animosity transforms into a deep bond of camaraderie and love. They evolve from bitter rivals into compassionate allies, overcoming obstacles hand in hand.

Otro nombre: 君心难逑

Liberada: Jul. 21, 2023


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