Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023) Temporada 2

Feb. 18, 2023

The Rainbow Deluxe Taxi is back in business. Although the crew disbands after Do-ki’s successful revenge, Sung-cheol, Go-eun, Kyung-goo, and Jin-eon couldn’t help but reunite with him once again. Each of them tries to live an ordinary life with an ordinary job, but it is in their nature to fight against injustice. The company also welcomes a new employee. On Ha-joon is a clumsy but kind-hearted boy who accidentally finds the secret basement of Rainbow Taxi. Fighting on behalf of everyone who has been wronged in this unequal society, the crew works for more clients than before. However, a mysterious organization is after Rainbow Taxi this time. They first show their existence by killing one of the villains Do-ki is after but goes back into hiding without giving him a chance to find out

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