My Lovely Boxer (2023) Temporada 1

Aug. 21, 2023

At 17, Lee Kwon-sook, a talented boxer, becomes a sensation but vanishes before her grand slam. Now a kind-hearted kindergarten teacher, she conceals her tenacious “one-two punch” personality. Everything changes when she meets Kim Tae-young, an ice-cold and arrogant sports agent notorious for exploiting athletes, bleeding them dry, and forcing them into early retirement. He is furious upon discovering that Kim Hee-won, a brother-like figure and baseball pitcher, got involved in match-fixing due to Kim Oh-bok, an illegal sports gambling operator. Tae-young approaches Kwon-sook to help resolve Kim Hee-won’s situation, knowing her boxing comeback would garner significant public interest. After persistent persuasion, the “Genius Boxer Who Hates Boxing’s Final Retirement” project commences as planned by Tae-young, the exploitative retirement expert. With the sports industry tainted by match-fixing criminal organizations, will Kwon-sook, the genius boxer, be able to retire in glory?

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