Miraculous Brothers (2023) Temporada 1

Jun. 28, 2023

Since he was a young boy, Yook Dong-ju has dreamed of becoming a writer. He was even named after a famous poet. He has no shortage of natural talent for writing, and displayed plenty of promise in the field growing up. But now, seven years after completing university, Yook Dong-ju is further away from reaching his dreams than ever. He is mired in debt and his mother is forever causing problems for him. He works in dead-end part-time jobs ruing what might have been… But life takes an unusual twist for him on the day he meets Kang-san, a strange young man who was involved in an accident. The accident robbed Kang-san of his memory, but left him with the unexplained ability to read minds, and even feel the pain and hopelessness of other people. The aspiring writer decides to take care of Kang-san. But together, the duo strikes up a powerful bond – can they pool their abilities to become true “miraculous brothers?”

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